people talkin like “I thought this was supposed to be the future where are my flying cars”

yall do know that surgeons recently 3D printed a new skull for a woman and that we have machines who learn and recognize themselves in mirrors and recently we found a galaxy that SHOULDN’T EXIST


fuck flying cars, guys

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(Edited) I didn’t post this, someone hacked me. O.o but today is my birthday ..!

It’s almost my birthday.

I just finished watching a movie called A Time To Kill, not only do I appreciate Matthew McConaughey (definitely just had to look up hope to spell his last name) more as an actor but I just want to say I am just so appalled at the fact that this “United states” was founded on the premise of slavery.. and racism was the perpetuating consequence. I couldn’t even imagine the level of hate that was portrayed in that movie. Anyways,
watch it,
I cried a lil

I’m tired and don’t wanna go to work and don’t wanna ride the bus and don’t wanna go to sleep and don’t wanna do homework and don’t wanna do housework
I just want to listen to burritos by sublime now